A White Label Testimonial & Case Study Service for MSP’s

Grow your profits by adding testimonials & Case Studies to your list of services

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The quickest way to increase revenue is by selling more to your existing clients. You can now add testimonials & case studies to your list of services and outsource all of the hard work to us.

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Steve and Paul

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

Meet Steve Pailing

With a long background honing his skills in the design and print industry, creating everything from logos to brochures, Steve knows just how much work goes into building a business.

25 years might seem like a long time to be doing this stuff, but this is the kind of commitment and experience successful businesses are made with. He knows what makes a business work because he’s been running one for more than 12 years.

Steve has also been working with Paul Green on all of his brands since 2009, when you get something sent from Paul – Steve has designed it!

So, why is Steve giving himself more work to do with MSP Testimonials & Case Studies? Because he can. His passion for building successful businesses keeps him moving forward. When other people are dreaming of a holiday, he’s dreaming up new ideas.

And if you’re thinking, “Actually, I’d like to have the time for a holiday”, then maybe Steve can help you find that time.

Meet Paul Charnock

When most people choose to learn a new language, they pick French or Spanish. Not Paul. He chose HTML, and for him, it was the language of love. OK, maybe not love, but it was definitely his kind of language.

From there, it was web design courses and creating websites that filled his waking hours. You know someone’s found their passion when they’re doing something for a hobby which, to other people, sounds like work. Paul’s relationship with web design blossomed into a long-term career, helping businesses to grow.

Now, along with Steve, he’s set up MSP Testimonials & Case Studies to provide first-class services and support to businesses like yours.

So why, after a successful career that spans 15 years, would Paul want to begin this new venture? Well, that’s the thing with techy people; they like to keep finding ways to do things better and smarter. Also, it’s a good excuse to drink more coffee.


Social Proof on your Website

Social proof is the idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing.

There’s a reason businesses create case studies about the successes their customers have had using their product: It’s a vote of confidence in the product’s value. All kinds of testimonials can have the same impact. Whether it’s a customer review on the business’s website, a review on a third-party website, a star-based rating, or a full-blown case study, this content creates positive feedback from actual users.

The the end goal is to encourage a prospect to start a conversation or help close a deal, in a pitch situation.

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How it Works

Your client approaches you for a testimonial or case study
Your client selects the package that best suits them and pays you. Then you pay Plexa
We will then professionaly edit the video to ensure it all looks great.
Information Gathering
You send your client a form to gather key information needed to complete the work
We will book in a 20 min video call with your client's customer to record the video. We will have already made contact before the call to make sure they have everything ready.
We will hand over either a written copy of the material or a video, based on the package chosen.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

We do this via a recorded teams or zoom call. This eliminates any need to travel and also speeds up the process.

Unfortunately this is out of our hands. But in our experience we can’t recall one that couldn’t be done.

Don’t worry we usually add some images / music into the video which gives a hint of your office/team/business.

The final video will be 1080p MP4 file, provided via download link.